Gaia Tips

How tea can naturally boost your immune system
Apr 15, 2023
Dear , You may have heard us use the phrase “teas are natures healer”. Research has been ongoing for decades now into how teas can naturally boost health, including heart health, better skin, detoxifying lungs, hydration and much more.
Who knows the truth
Apr 13, 2023
It is a question that we will hardly be able to know. Ironically, never in...
Lotus Tea-Nature's Special Detox
Jan 10, 2023
Are you feeling sluggish after the Christmas Excess? Why not start 2023 on the right foot with a detox to improve digestive and physical health. Our Slimline Lotus Tea has been enjoyed by In Nature customers as a detox and weight loss aid for many years.
 healthy tea
Sep 03, 2022
We previously spoke about the many benefits of healthy teas, includingslimming tea such as our Lotus tea. Lotus Leaf Tea and in particular theLotus Leaf has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicineas a natural slimming tea.
Summer Tea Campaign gets off to a great start
Jul 16, 2022
Last month we started working with the lovely Emma Hollingsworth on Instagram. Emma is a very talented Vegan Author and Baker, her delicious and colourful creations can be found over on her Instagram account (Mrs Hollingsworths).
The Source of Life
Jul 13, 2022
Water is 80% of our body and covers 75% of our planet as the main source of life. There is also a sad reality that 1/3rd of the world population have currently no access to fresh water,  and even massive countries like China, are running out.