Addiction, there is another Way

Addiction, there is another Way

Feb 11, 2022In Nature Gaia

We all know that any form of addiction is extremely harmful, and deteriorates our physical and emotional health.
We all witnessed parents allowing small kids to be initiated in the habit,  at home, parks, restaurants, where dopamine, is already at play with future dire consequences.
Adults as well are no different addicted to Facebook, WhatsUp, TikTok are among the long list of fixes humanity has become addicted unaware of the health issues that this new lifestyle has afflicted billions of defenceless souls.
Of course, Mark Zuckerberg,  Alan Cook,  Gates among many others have wasted no time enslaving humans with a tight rope around their minds, hearts and spirit. These are nothing but digital criminals with no scruples principles except to feed their insatiable hunger for unrestrained power, control and profits. The net is wide and merciless, suffocating our ability to live freely and in good health. The Pandemic is no accident, but a wake-up call that made Tech Tyrants even more powerful.
I have no answers to this existential threat, nevertheless, I do believe with all my heart that nothing can replace Nature and the human touch.
Shut off your devices, prepare a nice cuppa,
invite a friend. A simple gesture that just might enhance our connection to real life, to our humanity,  as nature intended.

Warm Regards


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