Lotus Tea - Nature's Fat-Burner


The Lotus Flower plant is celebrated as a symbol of purity and serenity in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, and Lotus Flowers have been revered for thousands of years as a way to help maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Our pure Lotus leaf teas come from a close relative to the lotus flower and are considered a herbal tea.

How does it work? 

Lotus leaves contain a number of enzymes and properties to assist weight loss: 

Taurine to Decrease Fat Absorption

L-Carnitine to Increase Fat Burning (not often present in vegan diets so a great way to get this enzyme into a vegan diet!)

Digestive Help

Antioxidants for Improved Weight loss - Flavonoids and Tannins 

This unique combination makes our tea a seriously powerful all natural weightloss aid - our teas have nothing added so you can be sure you are only using the natural and pure product to lose weight and live a healthy life. 


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