Black & Red Tea

Britain is a nation of black tea lovers, so it is only natural our rich and full-bodied black tea is one of our best-sellers. The black tea taste is unmistakable and we source the best black tea leaves to deliver quality in every cup. Black Tea benefits include giving the drinker a gentle energy kick and being a natural digestive aid/preventing constipation. Beloved in the West for their strength, zest and familiarity, black teas should also be known for their diverse flavours. High-quality black teas are worlds apart from the commonly known breakfast tea. Our red rose tea is an exquisite floral blend with black tea, delivering a classic red tea flavour with a floral taste. Red tea benefits include improving circulation and glowing skin, as well as getting plenty of vitamins and antioxidants in your cup. Red tea caffeine levels are normal, delivering a gentle kick to your energy levels.


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