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A daily cup of healthy tea can make all the difference

Sep 03, 2022In Nature Gaia

We previously spoke about the many benefits of healthy teas, including
slimming tea such as our Lotus tea. Lotus Leaf Tea and in particular the
Lotus Leaf has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine
as a natural slimming tea.

  • Other Teas such as Oolong Tea and Jasmine Tea can be consumed for their own health benefits.
  • Oolong Tea benefits include improved brain activity and better sleep.
  • Jasmine Tea boosts the immune system, helps control diabetes and has antioxidant properties.

Did you know that 80% of adults now have chronic diseases?

50% of the UK population, has or will have cancer in their lifetime.
The vast majority of adults are getting seriously ill , due to a simple
lack of basic vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients no longer
available in the food we eat. A 2017 study found High Quality Chinese
Green Tea to be a valuable source of Potassium, Calcium and Zinc.

Healthy Teas and Herbal Teas are surely a good and natural way, to fill
the gap. All natural and no side effects.

Warm Wishes,

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