How tea can naturally boost your immune system

How tea can naturally boost your immune system

Apr 15, 2023In Nature Gaia

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You may have heard us use the phrase “teas are natures healer”.

Research has been ongoing for decades now into how teas can naturally boost health, including heart health, better skin, detoxifying lungs, hydration and much more.

One such area where studies show positive results is the link between tea and our immune system.

Back in 2003 “A component in tea was found in laboratory experiments to prime the immune system to attack invading bacteria, viruses and fungi.”

A follow up experiment on volunteers showed that immune system blood cells from tea drinkers responded five times faster to germs than did the blood cells of coffee drinkers.

Researchers at the time described it as “significant finding.”

It's believed that L-theanine, which is a substance found in black tea is responsible for this immune boosting response.

Give your immune system a fighting chance with tea.

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