Who knows the truth

Who knows the truth? To Vax or not to vax?

Apr 13, 2023Jewel Mazumder

It is a question that we will hardly be able to know. Ironically, never in history have humans been more brainwashed, controlled and misinformed than in the current modern era of information and Technology, with the assistant of the Tech Tyrants, also known as Digital Criminals. They propagate misinformation, unchecked and with impunity. The government surely has its big fingers in the balance. The corrupt media is compromised to financial interest, the least credible source to guide us in these dark days, after the pandemic. How many lives were sadly destroyed? businesses? dreams? We still know nothing of what happened. There is this one chilling global silence, a submissive acceptance of this human tragedy. A new era when we submit and obey as subjects of an invisible Tyrannic Power. Never in our history, has so few amassed so much power. Oligarchs like B Gates, M Zuckerberg, A Cook have meddled so deeply in our lives and most private information in ways we will never know. Do you trust any of them? I do not. And this leads me to doubt almost all the information we receive, especially on social and mainstream media. Main players like the BBC, Sky, Disney, CBS, WSJ, FT, Bloomberg are deeply connected with third parties and nation-states. They have secondary interests, impossible to be revealed by the general public. This is not a conspiracy theory, is globalization.

My suggestion is to follow an old Chinese proverb; when in doubt do nothing. And; when there is no one you can trust, trust Nature. 

Time and Nature will eventually reveal what we need to know. The truth will not be found on the media, Google or Wikipedia. They are the source of misinformation. Let’s focus on what matters, the ones we care about, our families and society. We need to wake up and reclaim our humanity. 

Try to preserve your health, mind and spirit.

In Nature, we trust.

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