1. Are all your teas loose-leaf?

Yes , all high-grade teas are offered as loose leaf teas.  Tea bags are only used to substandard quality teas. There is also another important point which is to drink teas one must use all the senses, including the eyesight. To witness the leaves, the preparation and the blossoming of the leaves in the cup or glass, is an essential part of the culture.  

2. Where do you source your tea from?

Our teas are exclusively sourced directly from local farmers, in China and Taiwan. Never purchased from factories or third parties. Most of them, are traditional tea growers, with generations devoted to the tea culture.

3. Do you offer gift cards?

Yes , click here for more details.

4. How long does delivery take and is it tracked?

The delivery on the  UK mainland should take approximately two to three days. And yes it is tracked.

5. Do you offer International Delivery?

Yes, we do deliver worldwide.   Click here for the pricing and more details.

6. Do you have a monthly subscription?

Yes , we do offer subscriptions and different packages.  Click here for more details.

7. Do you sell B2B?

Yes we do.  We historically supplied prestigious commercial establishments like Whole Foods , Tescos , Partridge's of London among many others.

8. Who can I contact for wholesale buying?

Please contact our team , at sales@innteas.com

9. How best should I store tea?

Teas must be stored, away from heat, the sun and humidity.  Teas are also affected by odour , so be careful with any fish, cheese and other foods that have a strong smell. They will ruin the teas.  Green Teas , should be stored , sealed in the Fridge , not the freezer.

10. Is all your range organic?

Yes it is. Our teas are sourced exclusively from organic growers.

11. What is your return policy?

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, to any customer, up to 30 days from the purchase.

12. Do you have caffeine-free options?

Yes,  we offer a few teas.
the Lotus tea
the Tibet Tea
The fresh buds Puerh

12. Who are your teas NOT suitable for?

Teas should be avoided by pregnant women and children, under 13 years old. Teas should not be used by people with insomnia, after 6 PM.

13. Do you have brewing recommendations?

Every blend has a different set of rules that are very important Eg  Green Teas cannot be infused with any water over 80 centigrades.

Never use plastic when preparing teas.

Make sure to use a proper teaware to enjoy a good taste and aroma.

You should use all your senses when drinking loose teas

14. How to use Milk / Cream and sugar with Teas ?

In Chinese Tradition, fine teas should be drunk without any added elements. Still one is free to add milk, cream and sugar with black / Red Teas or other blends at will. Another alternative is to use honey, with herbal teas like  Lotus teas.

15. What blends can be drunk Cold?

We recommend, Lotus, Green and Puerh.  

16.  How important is the water for the tea experience.

This is the most important ingredient when preparing teas.  Best water sources are straight from a fountain,  from a well, bottled water and filtered water. Avoid water from the tap.