Our Story

Our story, begun in 2005, in the Mountains of Hubei Province. A mountainous region in the South East of China.  I was visiting a monastery, when a monk invited me for a three-day journey, through the various tea gardens and temples along the way.

It was a real journey of discovery, and self-reflection, on the exceptional benefits one can attain, as we get closer to Nature.  On the various stops I made, we were greeted by local peasants that could not be more welcoming and kind as they served the local Tea.  The infusion of these pure leaves and the pristine water made the experience a moment that in many ways change my life.  From decades addicted to coffee,  weeks of migraines, stress and all that we know from drinking coffee. I was immediately converted to the Tea Culture,  I felt healthier, reinvigorated and never looked back.

Then back in the UK, I was shocked that one could only purchase these Pure Teas at Fortnum Mason or Harrods, for astronomical prices.  Our mission was then clear. How can we make these Gifts from Nature, available to the average customer at affordable prices? We had to share this exquisite taste and the endless health benefits that can only be found in Pure Teas.  It was indeed a challenge as we try to bridge the cultural gap and offer these Pure Teas, that have been central to the well-being of billions of people, as part of a legacy that started in China thousands of years ago,