Health & Teas

Health & Teas

Chinese Proverb:

The best medicine to live a healthy life is prevention.

These are simple facts scientifically proven by major scientific health centres in the world.
Among the various Tea's health benefits, there are 600 + know properties, including calcium, zinc, vitamins and minerals. More importantly, the anti-viral, anti-bacterial - Polyphenol, and Flavonoids that have been proven to assist and prevent viral inflammations, and the development of cancerous cells.
I repeat, this is not a cure, but one all-natural, no side effects way to prevent and improve your general wellbeing.
Teas are indeed one natural boost to your immune system, used for thousands of years on billions of people.
Please read these articles on the benefits of Teas from prominent scientific centres, including from Harvard Medical School and Penn State Medical School.

Recommended Teas:
Green Teas
White Teas
Black Teas
We suggest a minimum of three cups per day.

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