The Source of Life

The Source of Life and a Cuppa, are now in danger.

Jul 13, 2022In Nature Gaia
Water is essential for life and also for a good teacup.
Water is 80% of our body and covers 75% of our planet as the main source of life.
There is also a sad reality that 1/3rd of the world population have currently no access to fresh water,  and even massive countries like China, are running out. Not to mention the pollution that has infected most of the waterways on our planet. Pesticides and Plastics are the two main culprits of this regrettable reality.
Do you know that more than 50% of the world population has plastic macro plastic in their blood?  and that using teabags,  one is ingesting two billion micro plastic particles.
Please do pay attention,  and be careful with the water you drink. And avoid as much plastic as you can.
As you prepare your teas, please remember to use the proper water to infuse the Teas. As the Supreme Tea Master, Lu Yu explained the best water is the clear water from the spring and second from a well. As most of us do not have access to a spring or water well, here are the best alternatives.
Best Sources
1.        Spring water
2.        Water well
3.        Bottled water
4.        Filtered water
5.        Water from the tap
So remember, find the best freshwater you can access, avoid any teabag,  and ensure to reduce your consumption of plastic on any level. And In Nature Teas are 100% PLASTIC FREE.

Enjoy Good Health

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