Lotus Tea-Nature's Special Detox

Lotus Tea-Nature's Special Detox

Jan 10, 2023Jewel Mazumder

Are you feeling sluggish after the Christmas Excess?

Why not start 2023 on the right foot with a detox to improve digestive and physical health.

Our Slimline Lotus Tea has been enjoyed by In Nature customers as a detox and weight loss aid for many years.

Lotus Tea has a fascinating history - the Lotus Plant is native to Asia and has been used for its positive diuretic and digestive effects for over 2,000 years. It has been revered as a way to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Lotus Leaf is abundant in alkaloids, flavonoids and tannins which may aid in digestion and weight loss.

It is all pure and natural, and makes a delicious drink with no side effects. Given it is caffeine free, it is safe to drink for all ages and makes a delicious cold tea.

Buy any tea from our range this week and receive a FREE box of Slimline Lotus Tea.

Discover and taste this health tonic for yourself.

Kickstart your 2023 with a health boost.

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