natural method to detoxify lungs

Green Tea: The No.1 natural method to detoxify lungs

Jun 21, 2022MD SALAUDDIN
When was the last time you detoxified your lungs?

It may seem trivial and is often overlooked by most, especially after COVID.  Many people don't understand the harmful consequences of lung inflammation and water/ mucus residue in the lungs that will affect your general health and wellbeing. This condition can also affect people with respiratory illnesses, including asthma, a long-lasting nasty cold, or any disease that may develop from lung-related conditions. The lungs are essential for good health, and they need to be working in 100% condition to have it clear is key for good health. Do you often feel fatigued? Find yourself out of breath when you go up the stairs? One simple explanation may be low levels of oxygen in your body. So, yes, breathing with clean lungs is essential, and Green Teas may be an excellent way to start; why not try to add a daily cup to your routine at home or in the office. Green teas have been known to be the number one natural method to clean your lungs. Loaded with the goodness of cancer-fighting polyphenols, green tea has anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce lung inflammation. We use the freshest leaves to deliver quality from farm to cup.

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