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We offer a collection of unique teapots in our range, including the easy pot, summer tea pot and the office tea pot. Our range has been created using stainless steel and glass, and with sustainability in mind as all our packaging is plastic free. We designed our pretty teapots with versatility, creating a tea pot which can be used all year round at home and an office tea pot which is perfect for brewing for larger groups of people.  Our Office tea pot in particular has been a welcome addition at offices nationwide where workers have enjoyed their cuppa of choice from our loose leaf tea range. Our summer tea pot is a robust tea pot with up to 1.5 litre capacity, perfect for visitors to your home.  Pair one of our pretty teapots with one of our cute, vintage tea cups and enjoy the ultimate tea experience with friends


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Easy Pot.
Easy Pot Tea Pot
Iron Tea Pot, Japanese.
Japanese Iron Tea Pot
SUMMER TEA POT - InNature Teas
Summer Tea Pot