Puerh Tea

Puerh tea is rather unique. During the process of aging under strictly-managed conditions, the leaves take on exceptional qualities. The carefully managed process gives rise to rich, smooth, complex flavours, while preserving the vitality of the leaf.  We strive to bring you the best puerh tea online and believe we deliver on quality and taste. This exquisite Chinese tea is a delicacy which we hope to bring you from China so you can buy Puerh tea locally. Puerh tea benefits include being a great tea for digestive health, promoting heart health and cleansing toxins. Puerh is also known for its weight loss properties and we stock one of the best Puerh teas for weight loss. Buy Puerh tea today and discover the taste benefits of trying a tea which has gone through a unique aging process. The quality is sublime, the taste is timeless.



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Puerh Aged Five Years Old
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Organic Puerh Aged Five Years Old Tea
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Red Rose Puerh.