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Why you need to drink Pure & Fresh Teas and NOT Coffee *

Jul 04, 2020Gaia Well

Kick the Habit

1. Easier to prepare than coffee, at home or in the office and does not cause cancer, it prevents.
2. Much Healthier than Coffee or any other drink, with a plethora of ALL NATURAL , health benefits.
3. Boost your energy, without affecting your heart or blood pressure.
4. Teas are an effective Antitoxins, cleanse your digestive system . Caffeine is very harmful to your general health, known to produce digestive ulcers.
5. Slims, break fats, naturally. No need for milk or sugar .
6. Relaxing will cam you down, not stress out!
7. Teas will assist your body to hydrate your body. Coffee does not , if anything will increase your dehydrations risks .
8. It has over 600 scientifically proven, health properties. Coffee has zero.
9. Unlike Coffee . teas will greatly improve your immune system with No side effects . Check our site, on the Harvard School research.
10. Pure Teas, not the teabags full of macro plastics , offers a great taste and aroma without the head aches and addiction from Coffee.

* And 90% of the coffee growing countries are associated with slave labour well documented practices, which include major companies like Nestle & Starbucks among others.

Need we say more?

Enjoy a great Taste! Be Healthy and kick the habit, today.
Warm Regards,

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