Bamboo Holders

Bamboo tea holders are the traditional coasters originally used in China for holding tea cups. This traditional wooden tea box offers an alternative to generic coasters and has many properties which make it the perfect coaster for loose leaf tea. Visually, these coasters make a beautiful addition to any coffee table or dinner party setting. They are also heat resistant so will not become damaged or marked by heat over time. These Bamboo holders are also anti-scalding and non-slip, helping to avoid any accidents or nasty scalds. They make a unique addition to the traditional tea serving scene which would be commonly found in many Chinese homes. Why not try today and introduce your family and friends to the traditional bamboo tea holder, which they can enjoy in their own homes. Suitable for both hot and cold drinks, it can also be used to act as a lid for drinks so they do not go flat.


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Bamboo Holder.