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Do you know?

Jul 11, 2020Gaia Well

fear x health

There are at least 1000 different Tea blends, and they all come from the very same plant species - Camellia Sinensis. In short, all Teas, are the same plant. What makes a tea different is how it is treated after the harvest.

What is the best Tea for you?

There are no rules, and only you may know. You should consider age, health condition, and the Season of the year. Please check here, to find the proper Tea for you.

Take your time, try different blends, and remember as the Season changes so it does your body, your needs and the Tea you drink.

My recommendation for the Summer Teas;
- Mint White Tea, a rare mild, fresh and lovely Tea with superb health properties.
- All Green Teas, a great choice during the Summer
- The Lotus Tea, a health boost, great taste and it is the best Slim Tea.

This I know; to stay healthy drink loads of teas, eat fresh produce, try to relax and enjoy life, not paying much attention to the news. Usually, it feeds your fear, not your health.

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