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Difficult Times, Depression & Stress

Jun 26, 2020Gaia Well

There is another Way

Natural anti-depressants

The statistics show that 25% of adults in the UK, and 40% in the US are depressed and under some treatment and medication.

May I suggest that Pure Teas, may assist this condition through its abundance of properties like minerals and potassium that can be found in Tea.

Potassium is readily available in many teas. Healthy adults need about 4,700 milligrams daily. However, if you have chronic kidney disease or other renal issues, your doctor may advise you to limit your potassium intake. In that case, all types of tea may still be safe for you in moderation because they are mild in potassium. An electrolyte mineral that helps regulate your heartbeat and balance the fluid levels in your body.

So, balance your health, at home and in the office, simply by drinking Pure Teas.

Life may change gradually and naturally. No side effects.

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