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Time is on your side, seize it. One cup at a time

Sep 03, 2020Gaia Well

Take your time, and ensure your mind is focused, in balance with your surroundings. A few tips to attain real harmony. Start to prepare a nice warm cuppa, with Pure and Fresh Teas.

  • Select your Teas carefully. Chose the one you feel is proper for the occasion.
  • Each Tea will meet different times and needs. Morning teas, afternoon, night, after dinner ; they all are different.  
  • Ensure you have a good selection in stock and well stored. Remember, your body changes with the seasons, so does your teas.
  • Then it comes to the preparation, an essential part of the Tea Experience.
  • If you can do purchase the proper utensils.
  • Follow the instructions, do not rush, and enjoy each step
  • To drink the tea is just the last stage, of a moment that you can improve your life, your health while enjoying a great taste and aroma.

By simply preparing a cup of Tea, you may attain harmony, peace to face the challenges of every day.

One cup at a time.

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