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What is in your cup ? Are you sure you know?

Aug 27, 2020Gaia Well

What’s in your body?

80% of every human being is made up of water, in every cell, every fibre of our being.


Now due to pollution, 80% of human beings have particles of microplastics in their bloodstream.

99% per cent of all teabags contain microplastics.


Do you use tea bags in the morning in the office? If the
answer is yes, rest assured it contains microplastic, guaranteed.


Then you must ask; why am I willing to ingest a knowingly
and scientific proven poisonous substance, that will inevitably cause severe illness?

Remember, you have a choice. To drink free plastic teas, that
are far tastier, healthier and will benefit your well being or to continue to drink poisonous teabags.

In simple, it is your decision. To be healthier or ensure a severe health issue shortly.

If you do not look after your health, who will?

Drink only PLASTIC FREE Pure  & Natural Teas.

Health never tasted better.

Have a warm
and healthy weekend,

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