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The Vitamin A, B, C , D… Hoax

Dec 12, 2020Gaia Well

Sadly even during a pandemic, there are companies that benefit from this tragedy that has affected billions of people.  No doubt the Tech Tyrants and Amazon are on top among other unscrupulous companies.

We can witness multiple ads claiming vitamins such as B, C , D and zinc pills are effective to improve the immune system. This is simply false.  Scientific study has shown that 90% of all industrial vitamins and health supplements are immediately eliminated through the urine.  Do not waste your time and money.

Fresh Fruits and vegetables are no question the best way to maintain a healthy diet to naturally improve the immune system. Teas are as well an excellent way to nourish your immune system. Your body absorbs 100% of the nutrients. And unlike industrially manufactured supplements, it has nearly 600 proven healthy properties between vitamins, minerals, and polyphenol. Pure Teas, not teabags mixes, are one potent natural source of essential nutrients, for you to maintain a balanced and healthy life.

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