Nov 21, 2020Gaia Well
Feeling lonely?

Remember this, you are not alone – we are all on the same boat for as long as it takes.
In the Virtual Era, it seems we connect online so much, and yet data shows we never been so isolated, depressed as individuals. This symptom is now a recognized medical condition that afflicts a significant part of the population.
Perhaps and likely we will never know the causes of this virus, which is in a way a metaphor to the world we live. We have been sidetracked, glued to these small screens, while the big problems were crawling into our mind heart and spirits.
Thank you, Mr Zuckerberg, Mr Dawson and the other one that made this possible with the compliments of most nations, WHO, Big Tech and globalization.
We can and must preserve our sanity; to break away from this semi-prison lifestyle that they have made us undertake and submit without any proper consent or explanation.
Let’s remember Dostoyevsky old saying: The real problems are on the streets.
And yes, we will have to find the solutions, together and never give up on our basic human rights.
As a community as a society, we will prevail, is not if but when. Reach out to the other, share life as we must as one.

Always here for you

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