The rise in Plastic Free Tea: A step in the right direction

The rise in Plastic Free Tea: A step in the right direction

Oct 27, 2022In Nature Gaia

Tea-drinkers are now becoming more conscious of the harmful effects of
plastic and choosing to support plastic free tea brands.

Research has shown just how harmful microplastics in teabags can be. The
research from McGill University found that just “one bag of tea released
about 11.6 billion microplastic and 3.1 billion nanoplastic particles
into the water at brewing temperatures.”

Plastic Free Tea

Naturally, tea drinkers do not want to consume harmful microplastics so
there has been an increase in consumers choosing to purchase from loose
leaf tea brands.

Loose leaf tea is better for the person drinking it and the environment.

It also gives a more flavourful and rich taste, much stronger than the
regular teabag which is produced on an industrial level and is known to
contain broken tea leaves and tea dust.

At In Nature Teas, we are proud to say we are plastic free and this has
been part of  our ethos since we started out in 2005.

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