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Why Spring Teas are so much better for you?

May 01, 2021In Nature Gaia

This is one exclusive property that you can only find with Pure & Natural Fresh Teas, unlike teabags that are nothing but industrialized dust from the leaves.

The Spring Tea Leaves are simply the purest, as harvest in the winter, where there is no need for any artificial use of pesticides. There are no insects in the winter. So the leaves retain all the best Nature can offer.

Another reason is that the Spring Teas are not exposed to the heat of the sun that cook and in some ways reduce the health properties.

During the winter, also the plants are nourished by the purest moisture, pristine water streams from Nature which enhance the quality of the leaves.

Ultimately it produces a tender, sweet and mild taste and aroma exclusive found in the Spring Harvest.

Best Spring Teas
  • Green teas
  • Oolong Teas
  • Black Teas

Do not miss this opportunity to enjoy these delicious blends, and improve your health.

This is a gift indeed, that we need to share with family and friends.

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