The Healthy Living Basics

The Healthy Living Basics

Aug 09, 2021In Nature Gaia

There are no good rules but common sense.

First, there has to be a reset on the ways we deal with the basics, the essential needs  for a Healthy Life  :

  • A good night sleep, for at least eight hours
  • A balanced diet, avoid all processed foods. Avoid anything from a box or a package.
  • Do not get lazy and ask for the food online. go to your local shop and get it fresh food, that you pick.
  • Make sure to eat foods that are from the season and locally grown.
  • Exercise, moderately and constantly. Go for walks, runs and even just to sit out there and gaze at the wonders of Nature.
  • Go out, get closer to Nature, if possible every day
  • Log off, from all devices for some time, especially at night before going to bed.
  • Be sensible with the use of alcohol and coffee
  • I highly recommend at least 5 cups of Fresh Teas a day
  • And, a good social-emotional life, shared with a friend, that also includes sex, human contact, that is essential for a healthy living,

Life is not found on your phone and devices, Life is out there, for you to seize and enjoy in good health. Remember this, the best medicine is prevention. Teas contain at least 600 + healthy scientifically proven properties including vitamins, minerals and polyphenol. 

We had enough of lockdowns, staying at home mandates and all the never-ending rules that have limited our lives and often have harmed our physical and mental health.

Let’s claim back our lives. Let’s go back to the basics.

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