Do you know why Black Teas are so good for you?

Do you know why Black Teas are so good for you?

Aug 29, 2021Jewel Mazumder
These days, there are various kinds of teas to drink that are called Black Teas but are they really Black Teas ?  Do not be so sure.  

You need to select the Teas you drink accordingly to a few important elements including , the Season, your health condition and of course , personal taste. Today, we'll be talking about Black Tea and all its benefits for your body and your general health.  If you get the best Black Tea for yourself, you will be on your way to a much healthier lifestyle.

Interestingly, water happens to be the most consumed beverage, but after water, the most consumed is Black Tea. Over the past years, people have developed a liking for Black Tea, and many people prefer drinking Black Tea over any other kind of tea or even coffee. Not only is Black Tea delicious, but it also has a lot of positive impacts on your body. Many people tend to buy Black Tea compared to other types of tea, given all the benefits that Black Tea has. Like White Tea and Green Tea, Black Tea is extracted from the Camellia sinensis plant and then blended in such a way to make it what we commonly call Black Tea. Black Tea usually has a variety of flavours, the tea that is produced by InNature takes its roots from China, the country that is known for its brilliant teas. Black Tea benefits ensure that your lifestyle is as healthy as possible. One may wonder, "where to buy  REAL  100%  PURE & NATURAL Black Tea?" Well, for one of the best Black Tea, you could always find the finest is  In Nature Teas.  



All teas contain cafeind.

Still they have 60to 80% led than coffee .

The caffeine from Teas are much easier eliminated bu the body m, mostly in the urine and digestive system.

Coffee , has a much higher amount of caffeine and it is extremely harmful to your cardio vascular system , with serious consequences to your stress levels , blood pressure and insomnia.   

Rich in antioxidants

Now, what is Black Tea good for? Black Tea is known to be rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help keep your body in balance and regulation. With the help of antioxidants in Black Tea, there is lesser cell damage observed in the body. Thus, Black Tea further helps in decreasing the risk of developing diseases. The major antioxidants in the body include the aflavins, catechins, and thearubigins. In addition, the antioxidants in Black Tea help control body cholesterol levels and help regulate blood sugar levels, which tends to reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

Heart Health & Cancer Prevention

Black Tea benefits include general improvement in heart health as well. This is due to antioxidants called flavonoids which are also found in vegetables and are linked to maintaining heart health. The risk of getting high blood pressure is also reduced, due to which several heart-related issues are prevented. Black Tea is also known to help reduce the risk of getting cancer as well, and this is because Black Tea contains a compound called "polyphenols," and these polyphenols help reduce the rate of tumor productions. Therefore, many types of cancers can be prevented through the regular use of Black Tea.

Black Tea for skin, reduction of ageing and wrinkles

There are Black Tea benefits for skin as well; this is because the tea is very effective in fighting off many types of toxins and helps accelerate the body's natural healing process. Having Black Tea often slows down the ageing process of the skin as well and makes you look much younger than you are. So if you want to take a couple of years off of your face, you would want to drink Black Tea.

Black Tea for hair, weight loss, and gut health

There are some Black Tea benefits for hair as well as people have seen rapid growth and better hair health as well. Many people also tend to use Black Tea for weight loss as they believe that it helps them lose weight in a much quicker and healthier way. Black Tea is perfect for gut health, and due to this, it is excellent for digesting food. It helps prevent problems related to the stomach and so on. Black Tea has specific properties that can help kill unwanted and harmful bacteria throughout the gut, and this ensures that the gut is optimized and works as efficiently as possible.

Enhanced focus with Black Tea

People who have difficulty concentrating on things and maintaining focus would want to incorporate Black Tea into their lives. Science suggests that Black Tea has specific properties that can help many people maintain focus and increase efficiency in their work. For example, Black Tea has a particular amino acid commonly called L-theanine which may help improve focus. When the amino acid is paired with caffeine, it makes sure that you are as alert as possible and are as focused as you should be, which means that Black Tea is best for teens who need to focus on their exams or be more attentive as they are preparing for them!

Prevention of Plaque and oral hygiene

Black Tea also kills many germs in the mouth and helps reduce plaque build-up on the teeth. It ensures that not just your teeth but your whole mouth is healthy. Many people tend to add other things to their tea to enhance flavour and, in some cases, increase the benefits of tea. In Black Tea, people add other ingredients such as sugar, honey, and even lemon. There are numerous benefits of Black Tea with lemon for its flavour. The sourness of the lemon adds a lot of flavour to Black Tea. When adding lemon, people have two choices for their tea; they could either have it hot or they could have it cold, like iced tea. Due to this, having Black Tea is a possibility in both summers and winters. Black Tea benefits are known worldwide, and due to these benefits, people have started taking Black Tea in abundance. Not only does it help relax, but it also has excellent effects on the body and helps a lot of problems and diseases such as cancer. It cleans the body of toxins, and it helps concentrate much better. Science supports the evidence that having Black Tea also helps stay young as it adds a glow to your skin and prevents problems such as wrinkles.  

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