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Teas 101

Dec 14, 2018Gaia Well

Tea are originally from China

The Indian teas were imported by the British some 200 years ago … the mother country is China

So this is why In Nature  only offer teas from the best source – China

When you buy loose leaf tea, you're getting whole, loose leaves with all of their essential elements intact. In contrast, the leaves that go into tea bags are leaf fragments and tea dust left over during the processing and picking of the tea leaves. The dry leaf fragments and tea dust placed into tea bags lack the essential elements found in the whole leaves and tend to be of vastly inferior quality compared to loose leaf teas:

-          Better taste

-          Better flavour

-          Better quality

-          Better nutrients

Remember if its crushed and bagged it has lost its original properties

Also, the use of colouring, flavouring and other artificial elements do alter its delicate balance … In Nature we ONLY deliver in its pure form , nothing else.

Why Are Pure High Grade Teas Better For You?

Simply because they have nothing added and they taste better with all the natural properties preserved pure, just as Mother Nature intended; from the high mountains of China, directly to your cup. This is the philosophy of In Nature - the respect and integrity of the natural purity of Teas. We believe you will taste and feel the difference.

Making a difference

Teas can make a difference in your life. There have been many articles and scientific studies on teas but nothing can be better evidence of its effects than the 2.4 billion people that drink tea daily in the East. This is a 5000 year old tradition that continues to grow, becoming stronger and stronger and is not something out of an advertising campaign. Therefore if you are looking for something that will improve your well being, your health, your energy and stress levels with absolutely no side effects try Teas … they do work, gradually and naturally.

 Pointers from In Nature Teas

  5. Teas cannot be exposed to the sun or heat, and must be kept in a cool environment. Our boxes were designed so to maintain the high quality of the leaves.
  7. Teas are like wine …You drink what you pay for
  8. Any, tea bags, no matter what the label said; TEA BAGS are really not pure , and from the minimum expected QUALITY from leaves they are more a powder industrial mixture then teas.
  9. Real teas must be drunk properly with the leaves free to float, not crushed.
  10. Tea is more a culture then a drink, one find its own path to enjoy the experience.
  11. Only a few teas may be mixed with milk and sugar; black and jasmine.
  12. Teas do contain, caffeine, more present in Green Teas , yet is far more mild than in coffee , and its easily eliminated by the body.
  13. Is NOT expensive, its good money for value.
  14.  From each box one can make + then 50 cups per box …. Way more then the usual 25 , £ 2 pound industrialised box.
  15. Our teas offer incomparable health benefits .
  16. Health Benefits vary from tea to tea
  17. The average Tea , if PURE, has approximately 500 nutrients , from Vitamin C , to minerals and polyphenols
  18. Pregnant women and children should NOT drink teas.
  19. For better health one should drink different teas at different times and seasons , eg: green in the summer , black, puerh in the winter.
  20. We offer 100% money back guarantee if anyone is not fully satisfied we will refund fully; no questions asked.

Tea provides health benefits and is health promoting

There is growing medical evidence to confirm that tea promotes good health - and can protect you from many of the awful illnesses that mankind is at risk from today. These tea health benefits come largely from the very high level of unique natural antioxidents contained in tea. While the exact protective mechanisms are still not fully understood, there can be no doubt that tea drinking benefits health.

Health Benefits

  • Multiple sclerosis
    · Alzheimer’s disease
    · Parkinson’s diseases
    · Rheumatoid arthritis
    · Cardiovascular diseases
    · Heart diseases
    · Heart attacks 
    · Cancer (esophageal, prostrate, breast, lung, colon, ovarian)
    · Tooth decay
    · Hypertension
    · Brain tumors in children
    · Gallstones
    · Kidney disease
    · Osteoporosis
    Reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood
    · Raises metabolism and increases fat oxidation (weight loss)
    · Thins blood and prevents clotting
    · Assists in recovery after a heart attack
    · Helps minimize brain damage after a stroke
    · Improves the effectiveness of cancer drugs while reducing their side effects
    · Improves insulin sensitivity in adult onset diabetes (Type II)
    · Builds bones
    · Protects liver from harmful substances
    · Increases exercise endurance






In Nature Teas  Selection 2010




Jasmine Superior

Also known as Flower Tea, a floral, fragrant tea with a sweet, fresh taste and aroma;

Jasmine Premium*

A exquisite blend of Jasmine ( Molin Hua ) with a high grade Green Tea ( Bilo Chun ) with an absolute exquisite aroma and taste

Natural Oolong

a fresh aromatic tea, with a true spring green taste that it has made one of our most popular teas. A which can help to slim and quench the thirst with a wealth of health benefits.

Floral Oolong (Dong Fang Mei Ren)

An exquisite Oolong from Taiwan, with its sweet flavour, pinkish tone that use to be used by woman in the East to assist with hair, menopause and other symptoms;

Alpine Oolong (Jie Guan Yin)

these mountain leaves from the region of Fujian, is a burst of freshness and natural goodness, blended in this most popular oolong.  This is the a aromatic tea that is a treat to the taste and aroma.

Fresh Green (Long Jin)

Long Jin, the King of the greens , also known as the Dragon’s Well known for it’s exceptional taste and aroma with a wealth of detoxifying properties.  This green tea is a must to anyone who appreciates the best of the Greens,

Spring Green (Bilo Chun)*

from the high mountains of Fujian with a fresh and forest alpine taste. A sweet mild taste, very fresh to the palate. A boost for the health ,  with the numerous properties in all greens. 

Mountain Green (Mao Feng)*

This famous Green tea, with its pure leaves it’s an exceptional high grade green tear from the high mountains of Anhui. Recommended as a detoxifying drink , full of health benefits

Black Tea

a unique combination of leaves called Gong Fu Tay Yang, from the Fujian region. An exceptional blend rarely tasted in the UK, that was once a gift to kings and royalties.  This is an exceptional blen, sweet that can be mixed with milk and sugar.

Silver Needle White Tea

Once the privilege of the Emperors of China , this exquisite tea is indeed a gift of nature with a delicate balance between , beautiful leaves with an aromatic soothing taste.  A great way to enjoy one of the finest teas, and improve your well being

Puerh 5 Years

For the connoisseur of Teas, from the Yunnan region of China the purest leaves, carefully aged which makes this a unique tea one of the rarest teas and superb taste and aroma .One of the best drinks to slimming, digestion and eliminate fattening substances

Wild Forest Buds Fresh Puerh*

This exclusive blend of fresh puerh is indeed a rarity, due to its very limited production. This tea grows naturally, and its not harvested hand picked in the high mountains of Yunnan. Until very recent forbidden to export. This tea only picked in its bud forms.  A sublime sweet taste , clear colour and a palate to die for . A real gift from mother nature with endless health benefit. This is purity in its best .  




All boxes do come with full detailed instructions.

Basically just pour a few leaves ( one or two ) tea  spoons of leaves in the Tea Pot , and pour hot water .

On Green and White Tea , the water should be below boiling , 80 – 90 degrees.

On All other teas , boiling water.

Enjoy Your Cup ….


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