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Nature is the Best Medicine

May 29, 2020Gaia Well

Nature is the only source you can trust and find genuine goodness.
So, enough of the lockdown, self-quarantine and other questionable pieces of advice, that are daily being contradicted by the data and facts on the ground. Ironically the experts, are the ones who often make these questionable recommendations which they have to change, just a few days later.

Dr Fauci, the leading epidemiologist in the US Government, have been constantly on a guessing exercise that surely has caused us serious damages and doubts on the best practices of how we should treat the pandemic.

So let’s go to the basics. Go out, get some healthy dose of sunshine, walk the parks, hike the mountains to nurture our mind, body and spirit. Guaranteed - no side effects. And yes, no doubt Teas are a superb way to keep healthy at home and in the office and scientifically proven, by the major medical centres like Harvard Medical School, among many others leading scientific institutions.

Pure Teas is one tried and tested source of goodness for the past two thousand years. Find the Tea you like, drink loads, be hydrated especially in the warmer days ahead. And yes, hands down, Nature was and will always be the best medicine.  

Good Health Never tasted better.  Find it in your cup.

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