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Holiday Teas

Jul 31, 2020Gaia Well

When you travel, do you take your teas with you?

Let me suggest that you really should consider as to keep your health balanced and detox while you are away.

Best teas to travel;
- Pu-erh , as they are packed in small individual units they are very convenient to drink at any location. Just find one cup or a glass, place the tea inside and infuse with hot water. In about two to three minutes, it's ready to drink.

- Fresh Green Tea, also quite easy to travel. Just open the bag and pick up a few leaves that you can infuse in hot or cold water. Always a joy to drink.

- Alpine Oolong , another refreshing Tea to enjoy with cold or hot water. A delicious healthy treat.

So, wherever you go, have a good time, enjoy the new surroundings, be safe and keep healthy.

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