10 TIPS NOT TO RUIN Your Teas | InNature Teas


Aug 07, 2020Gaia Well
  1. Water, never use water from the tap. Good, pure water is essential.
  2. Never expose teas to the sunlight.
  3. Do not leave the Tea Leaves exposed to any odour.
  4. Never, use any PLASTIC, at any level, including storage and utensils.
  5. Fresh Tea leaves cannot be infused for more than two minutes. Extended time with the leaves in contact with the water, will make the tea taste bitter.
  6. Follow the instructions, one step at a time. Please pay attention to the requirements of each blend.
  7. Careful not to use boiling water on Green and Black Teas. It will immediately kill the Tea leaves and release a sour, bitter taste.
  8. A common mistake to use too many leaves. It will also create a bitter taste. It is preferable to use less than too much.
  9. Do not use the leaves the next day. D
  10. Make sure to use milk or sugar in moderation. Too much will ruin the taste.

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