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Green Tea is Not Always Green

Apr 16, 2020Gaia Well
Do you know? Not all Green teas are Green 
Ninety-nine per cent of the teas you can find on the market shelves are not classified in the Tea Culture, as Green Teas, including brands such as Lipton, Twining’s, PG’s among others. They contain mostly low-grade tea leaves residue, industrialized mixes, known as ‘tea dust’.
Pure Green Teas is a tested, great Health Boost. It has been used for thousands of years to assist everything from headaches, prevent cancer, improve immune to depression. 600 + known health properties, scientifically tested, including from Harvard Medical School and others, click here …..for more details.
Fortunately, it is possible now to find high-quality green teas from In Nature Teas. We offer exclusively the superior whole-leaf green teas, hand-picked, sourced from family farms high in the mountains. These are genuine Tea leaves, just like nature intended. Harvested from local farms use ancient methods of cultivation and production, holding traditional ways passed down from generation to generation.
Our green teas are exclusively picked during the Spring Harvest. We never sell the low-grade, Summer or Autumn Harvest. This is a commitment that you can get only from In Nature Teas. 

We assure you only the Finest Teas, all year long. 
Make sure to follow the instructions. Never use boiling water, always cooler water between 70-80°C. During the infusion, please allow a few minutes to the water to cool off.
Also remember, Green Teas, are always best kept in the fridge – not the freezer. Keep away from any odour release foods, cheese, meat or fish. Never store near sunlight or without a close box. Never use Teas with any plastic container.
Do not settle, for anything less, but the Finest, Purest and Natural Green Teas.

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