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Everything is better without alcohol, and I really do mean everything!

May 15, 2020Gaia Well

I know for many this may come as an unwelcome surprise, but you should seriously consider this concept during these challenging times.

Alcohol is mostly consumed as one quick fix that many of us have adopted early in our lives without much reflection on the dire long-lasting consequences.

I must confess - I agree entirely with the notion that we must be very careful and selective in how we consume. I have nothing against an occasional nice glass of wine or a beer, once in a while – but never as an escape or a daily habit. All addictions, of any sort, are profoundly damaging to our lives, on so many levels.

Let me share with you this article, and stress the idea that: - you will live better, have a far more fulfilling existence without it, and that includes basic essential aspects of life like sleep, work, interpersonal relationships, and yes, sex.

Try Pure Teas, you will thank me later.

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I drank to pretend that my life was more interesting than it was, to escape from everyday problems and because I enjoyed it. Or maybe that’s self-justifying crap. Maybe it’s just that alcohol is an addictive substance like all of those illicit drugs we demonise and, over the years, I had become addicted.


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