5 Health Boosting Teas You Need To Start Drinking

5 Health Boosting Teas You Need To Start Drinking

Oct 08, 2021Sarah A

To drink Pure Teas is a must for anyone who would like to live a healthier life, and boost your immune system. Teas are also closely related to each Season.

Let me suggest a few that should be on the top of your list, especially during the colder days ahead.

1. Fresh Green Teas ,and I mean the real ones ,not the fake ones that you find on supermarkets. Real Green Teas , and we offer the three most popular blends , are essential to , boost your energy and improve fatigue ,detox ,increase your immune system , so to avoid the common viruses so common during the colder days.

2. Puerh TeasIt is an essential Tea to first , improve your digestion ,assist your heart and blood pressure , break down fats ,while being a perfect drink ,known as after dinner Tea.A deep and soothing taste , that will warm you inside and outside.

3. Black Tea .This is a general tea that has a number of positive effects with your general well being , very suitable to the winter.It has known to be the stomach and liver protector , while providing a rich and aromatic taste.A perfect Tea for daily use at home or in the office.

4. Oolong Tea ,the Tea that offers a number of different tastes , that will enrich your Tea drinking habits. The Natural Oolong from Taiwan, with the unique milky taste, to the Alpine Oolong wiatha refreshing taste and aroma. Any Oolong will provide you with a wealth of Vitamins , Minerals , Zinc , Potassium that will always have a role of the best way to prevent general illnesses while providing a mellow sweet taste.

5. Lotus Tea -Slime Line.During the colder days , as we all tend to seek fattening foods , eat chocolates, drink alcohol,stay home for longer hours , sit on the couch far more than we should , this is the perfect tea to balance your health ,break down fats and toxins ,and control blood pressure .It can be enjoyed , hot or cold through the day , with zero caffeine.

Enjoy in Good Health

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