Lotus Tea – Slimline

It has been recognised as an effective way to treat the body for several centuries across Asia. It is known to directly affect the digestive and diuretic system in a positive way. This legendary plant has also been associated with purity and serenity in Hindu and Buddhism.

It is a native plant from India, spreading throughout the sub continent, South East Asia and China. It is mostly found in ponds and aquatic areas, with its distinctive exquisite blossom flower in the surface. The teas benefits are quite well known and extensive. For at least two thousand years it has been in use by millions of people with very positive results, with absolutely no side effects and indeed it is all pure and natural.

Health Benefits:

  • slimming / obesity

  • abdominal cramps

  • menstrual cramps

  • heavy menstruation

  • gastric ulcers

  • post partum bleeding

  • pre mature ejaculation

  • certain heart ailments

  • lower high blood pressure

The Lotus tea is easy to use. It can be prepared in tea cups or a large tea pot and infused in hot water many times.

The taste is sweet and mild. The colour is slightly golden with a soothing aroma.

Crystal sugar may be added but not milk. Some people also prepare jars of the tea and store in the fridge during the warm months.

There is no age restriction to drink this tea.
It also does not contain any caffeine.
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