Fresh Green Tea.
Fresh Green Tea 50g
Fresh Green Tea 50g
Fresh Green Tea
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Fresh Green Tea

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Dragon Well - Long Jing Tea

Also called Dragon Well, the much-celebrated Long Jing variety is known as the king of green tea. Subtle yet distinctively flavoured, and golden in hue, our Fresh Green tea is sourced from unspoiled mountain-tops.

Fresh Green – Also known as Long Jing , is no doubt the most famous of all Green Teas. The finest are from Zhejiang , Xi Hu Long Jing , which is the number one , Ming Cha. , which means , the Highest Grade of Teas . There are only eight teas that can be classified as Ming Cha. The Long Jing has many different grades, and the very finest are the Xi Hu Long Jing Ming Cha , that is picked up before 5 April , every year. This Tea is the pride of the Tea Culture , and it's harvest is celebrated with a Festival. If anyone is looking for the best Green Tea , this is the one. The taste can also vary depending on the time of the harvest . In general it is mild , very fresh with a soothing after taste. The finest are harvested between March and April. A superb tea also known as the king of greens, that will meet your highest expectations.

  • Aroma: Invigoratingly fresh, grassy and nutty
  • Tea Leaves: Flat, green and yellow
  • Liquid: Light green yellow
  • Taste: Vibrant and sweet, developing into nutty warmth


Green Teas are in general a prime source of the very best health properties , one can find in Nature . It has over 600 plus scientifically proven health properties , including Vitamins ,  Minerals ,  anti oxidant , a boosting the immune system . It also has a high amount of polyphenols . that is known to assist to as a way to prevent cancer.  A recent study in the US , shows that Green Teas are in the very top as the best water cleanse and protect the lungs. It is truly an endless amount of goodness , and healthy properties  with zero side effect.  Also known as an energy booster .



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