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Nature & People First - Handmade Exclusively – No Factories

May 01, 2020Gaia Well
We care about each individual that is involved with our Journey, from the farmers to the supplier, and of course our customers.
We engage and source only from Family Farms, that still use the traditional way to harvest. Never from Factories or businesses. All our teas are handpicked. This makes a real difference in the quality and taste of the Teas.
We are wholeheartedly committed to Traditional Farmers, who respect and have a passion for the Tea Culture.
Each farmer, each peasant, each community matters, their well-being and their commitment to Nature and this admirable Tradition, is reflected in every Leaf we serve.
Please join us, and remember - Pure Teas, are still one of the few parts of modern life, that one can still stay in touch with Nature.

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