From Farm to Cup: Why you should buy Organic Tea

From Farm to Cup: Why you should buy Organic Tea

Feb 23, 2024Tim Daly

From the Mountain to Your Cup:

Why you should drink Organic Tea, it will make a natural difference in your life.

Try it , you will never look back and will feel much better. Guaranteed.

Health-conscious consumers are making the switch to organic food, beverages and even organic clothing brands! Below we chat through some of the benefits of purchasing organic tea and why we are a proud organic small business with sustainability as our ethos.

No nasty extras. No artificial additives. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers, just the goodness from Mother Nature.

At In Nature Teas, our mantra is “Nothing added, just as Nature intended”. We strive to deliver on our promise of using only the freshest tea leaves from farm to cup. We use the freshest, unbroken tea leaves from sustainable organic tea farms, with no nasty additives or pesticides in use. A common downside to purchasing teabags is the low quality tea dust which is often packaged and used to cut costs when tea is mass-produced.

We aim to give our customers the highest quality organic tea experience.

Sustainable Farming. Centuries old farmers dedicated to Teas.

We source all our organic teas from local traditional tea farmers. In supporting an organic tea business, you know the relationship between brand and supplier is an ethical one. We have nurtured decades long friendships with each and every organic tea farmer we have worked with since our brand was born in 2005. Some of our suppliers are families that have been connected tpo teas since the 1700s , various generations committed to Teas.

Better quality, better taste and higher health benefits. .

A good quality organic tea will allow you to experience the tea as you should, with the five senses, while avoiding an infusion of microplastic from the teabags. . It will also brew to produce a better quality tea meaning the taste will be more refined and high quality. More importantly, the health properties and completely unaltered and preserved providing a real health boost with endless health properties. Over 600 + scientifically proven scientific benefits, including Flavonoids and Polyphenols, that are known to prevent cancer.

A match made in Heaven.

Exquisite taste , with multiple health benefits, you can enjoy every day , every year tio share with family and friends. A tablespoon of our tea can produce 3-4 high quality cups of tea.

This month, consider making the switch . Support an organic farm ,an organic supplier. Join the movement in a planet that we can all share, all beings as one.

Your satisfaction is Guaranteed.

Let us know if you have noticed an improvement in quality since trying organic tea. If not we will refund your money ,no questions asked.

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