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Say NO to Pharma, Say YES to Nature

Mar 05, 2021In Nature Gaia

There is no doubt that Big Pharma has had a massive impact on the way we handle our health and treat our illnesses. One cannot exclude that they are mostly driven by profits and often with very little concerns for side effects and other medical considerations. Their priority is to produce meds, at warp speed, as well to create dependency, and in some cases tragically addictions to make sure the dividends show up every quarter in Wall Street. Not to mention the tragic fact that most meds produced by Pharma, multinational corporations are not affordable to more than 70% of the world’s population.  The Pharma industry is indeed a privilege of the few predicated on the neglect of the many.

On the other hand, we have Nature that offers endless forms of species, that we all can prevent and treat illnesses, improve our health, boost our immune system for free.  And unlike Pharma, Nature does not ask for anything in return, has no interest in the bottom line and do not discriminate. It treats every individual, fairly and equally all across the planet.

The cultivation of Teas was born out of this very same paradigm thousands of years ago. The privilege of the wealthy class, royalty, to access the so-called assistance from the expert's science treatment against the growing basic need of the population to be treated with some sort of natural treatment that at the time, was and still is developed by monks.

So forgive me, scientists out there. No one can dispute some major achievements, but looking at the big picture, looking at prevention and access to all, Nature is by far the best form of medicine, with hardly any side effects.

I believe and trust in Nature, as our primary source to live a healthy life. It is the universe, where everyone regardless of class, the socio-economical position can have access.  Nature is and always will be our primary source form to keep us all in good health and high spirits.

Please give Nature a chance.

You deserve it. Say NO to Pharma and YES to Nature.

Start today, with a daily dose of Pure and Natural Teas for better health and joyous living.

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