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Purity, Do Not Mix

Feb 18, 2021Philip Ireson

Tea is a pristine and rare species, which rarely mixes with any other vegetation. It requires a perfect location where the temperature is moderate, not too cold, and not too hot, with the proper amount of humidity and just that mild touch of sunlight. One may say, it requires a privileged location, a place where it can blossom, in its exclusive way.

To drink teas one should also follow the same rules as to embrace and appreciate the complete Tea Experience. Some of the necessary conditions to drink the finest teas are:

  • Never, ever mix our Teas with the substandard tea bags products.
  • If possible find spring water. Never use water from the tap.
  • Avoid, milk and sugar
  • Do not drink teas, after spicy meals, or drinking coffee or alcohol. These drinks simply do not mix.
  • Use proper teaware, never plastic.
  • Select the proper blend for the Season and occasion.
  • Enjoy the Teas with all your senses, and if possible in good company.

So Tea is indeed an exclusive drink, which demands purity, high standards and good surroundings. It has been said that to prepare the Teas, one should also try to empty the mind, calm the spirit from all the stresses, to focus on the preparation, one leaf at a time.

Pure Teas is not for everyone. Try it and feel the difference.

Purity Matters

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