Pure Teas 10 key reasons to improve the Mind, Heart and Spirit

Pure Teas 10 key reasons to improve the Mind, Heart and Spirit

Jun 27, 2021In Nature Gaia

Never before has health been so in the centre of our daily lives. Never before has what we eat and drink so important to our health. Beware of what you put in your mouth. The consequences may be harmful to your life.

Now that we know more about the scientifically proven reasons that teabags are so dangerous to your health let’s remind ourselves of the reasons that make Pure and Fresh Teas, even more, important for you and your health.

10 reasons to drink Pure & Fresh Teas, every day at home and in the office.

  1. No microplastics, and does not cause cancer or other serious illnesses it prevents. Our pure teas are PLASTIC FREE.
  2. Much Healthier than Coffee or any other drinks with much less caffeine.
  3. Boost your energy, without affecting your heart and blood pressure.
  4. Effective Antitoxins, cleanse your digestive system
  5. Slims, break fats, naturally.
  6. Relaxing will calm you down, as a way to lower stress levels.
  7. Fresh Teas are 100% Pure and Natural – Unlike the crushed artificial mixes found in teabags. From the Mountain directly to your cup.
  8. It has over 600 scientifically proven, health properties with no side effects
  9. Pure Teas are a great way to boost your immune system.
  10. With one unmatched, exquisite taste and aroma!!!

Need we say more?

Make sure to enjoy this rare gift from Nature, with all the goodness that it offers, for the mind, heart and spirit.


Warm Regards


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