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Open up, the windows and let the sunshine in

Mar 01, 2021In Nature Gaia

This is the time of the year when all across the Tea Gardens, everyone gets excited about the new crops that will begin to blossom in the next few weeks. It is a time to rejoice as the New Year on the Moon Calendar, signals the coming of Spring.

It is a lovely tradition where we all celebrate the simple fact that we can be one more time together, that despite all the difficulties and colder days now behind us, there is a Spring coming soon to warm our lives with the blossoming and warmth from Mother Nature.

Do take a moment to enjoy your teas, which in the case of In Nature, are all harvested exclusively during the Spring Season, so we can all share these gifts that celebrate the bond between humans and Nature.

Open up your heart, mind and spirit.

Enjoy, share this period with family and friends.

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