Mental Health

Mental Health

May 21, 2021In Nature Gaia

“Mens sana in corpore sano” 

 A Latin proverb translated as "a healthy mind in a healthy body".

In Chinese Traditional Medicine there is one teaching, which emphasises the importance of Mental and Emotional Health, as the principal source of all our illnesses. It is based on the principle, that one needs to seek the maximum, calm and harmony between the body and the mind.

It is also known in TCM, that the two main sources of our diseases are the mind and the mouth and if we can control them, we will surely enjoy better health.

Sadly because of the Pandemic, a lot of people are suffering from many mental disorders, including small children. This is tragic, to say the least.

Of course, we would not be in a position to suggest any treatment, but TCM also offers a few suggestions to assist with mental issues that can be achieved with very basic steps. which includes: closeness to Nature, meditation and faith 

In addition to self-discipline, to establish basic steps to improve the general health that includes, healthy seasonal eating, proper sleep and moderate exercise. 

At last, may I shed some light on something that a few people are aware of this historical fact? 

To drink teas traditionally is indeed a form of mediation and healing to establish a calmer and balanced state between the mind, body and spirit. 

Warm Regards 

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