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Lung Chin Tea Health Benefits

Nov 08, 2017Gaia Well

Lung Chin tea is also known as Long Jin and Dragon's Well tea. Lung Chin tea health benefits are well known to Chinese medicine practitioners. The western world is gradually waking up to the benefits of drinking this 'Gong Cha' (Imperial Tea).

This is a high grade green tea. The leaves are gently roasted early in the processing. This destroys the natural enzymes present in the lung chin leaves preventing oxidation of the chemicals contained within the leaves. These chemicals include vitamin C and polyphenols called catechins. Catechins are known to be antioxidants which are known to help the human body deal with a group of chemicals called 'free radicals'. Free radicals react with DNA of cells and can cause cancer.

Thus much research has been done to explore the possibility that Lung Chin tea can reduce the incidence of cancer. Free radicals have also been implicated in heart disease. They can interfere with the normal functioning of the muscles of the heart leading to a cardiac arrest. Thus research has been conducted into the health benefits of Lung Chin tea in this context too.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Long Jin and other green tea is given as a stimulant, as a diuretic and also as an aid to digestion. Practitioners of TCM prescribe it to increase alertness and aid concentration - students studying for exams take note! Strangely, even though it appears to be a stimulant, it is also prescribed for headaches. It is used also to combat dizziness, which makes sense as that can be caused by low blood pressure and a stimulant could raise this.

 Whatever the truth in these limited studies and folklore, it is a source of Vitamin C and antioxidants and therefore Lung Chin tea could definitely benefit your health. So don't delay, visit our green tea page and grab yourself some of this marvelous drink before it is too late.

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