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Look Down with a brighter Look

Jan 22, 2021In Nature Gaia

After one year, not sure if you feel the same way, but it seems this current nightmare is not getting any better. There must be a way forward that we can live in a sensible, positive and safer manner.

We must all agree that we have passed through other crisis in the past and likely we will have new ones in the future. Humankind has shown resilience before, and the capacity to reach out through our common humanity.

Another paramount factor is nature. We need to have trust in this formidable force that has always shown its ability to stand the test of time, to be there for us every time to provide the essentials for us to survive.

Let’s not fall on the trap from the daily battery of gloomy news and seek alternatives on the simple gestures, like to share, our common humanity and to bond with nature.

Prepare a cuppa, invite a friend, and go for a walk … and everything will look brighter, even during a lockdown.

Enjoy, stay healthy one cup at a time.

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