Do Not Surrender

Do Not Surrender

Jan 20, 2022In Nature Gaia

Dear Friend 

We are slowly surrendering our rights to live healthy lives.

For decades we have been subjected to so many exterior factors like pollution, herbicides, plastic on our food chain, hormones added to the animal stock, just to mention a few. No wonder the latest data shows that 50% of the UK population has or will have cancer during their lifetime. 

Of course, Covid has not helped with the endless lockdowns, movement restrictions, the unknown potential, still beyond our grasp. Most importantly one wonders, the emotional and psychological consequences of this global disaster in our lives and future generations. No one knows how this will be resolved; if the vaccines are safe or how long this will last.

I strongly recommend, as much as possible to return to the basics, to Nature and its endless benefits. Sadly we have replaced Nature with convenience and often the multiple traps of modern life.

Remember, Teas are an exceptional way to stay in contact with Nature, and it has been a source of good health and well-being for over 2000 years among has of the world's population. 

And still do play a central part in the lives of half of the world population. Teas are not a cure but are perhaps one of the most efficient ways to prevent common illnesses.

Do not surrender your Natural roots. Stay connected, every single day with this source of goodness, which you cannot find on your latest tech device.

Give Nature a chance, you will not regret it, I guarantee you.

Warm Regards


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