Bad Teas x Good Teas

May 20, 2019Gaia Well

There is a rule in the Tea Culture that we would like to share, which is:

There is not a Tea that can be considered as bad. Bad teas can only occur if.

10 reasons to drink a Bad Tea;

  1. The water in which the tea was made was contaminated or of inferior quality.
  2. The Teas was not prepared accordingly, for example; infusing Green or Black teas with boiling water.
  3. The teas were not properly stored.
  4. The teas were contaminated by odour or other substances that affected the leaves.
  5. The teas were mixed with artificial or chemical additives.
  6. The teas were used with unfriendly tea utensils material as plastic.
  7. Excess of mixing sugar or milk.
  8. Humans also may have digestive illnesses that may affect the taste.
  9. Humans may have mouth related issues that may affect the taste.
  10. The consumption of very hot , spicy foods and alcohol , will affect the taste of the teas for a few hours or even days.

Otherwise, all teas should have a good taste, and aroma. Please bear in mind - taste is a very personal matter , so the fact that one may not like a certain taste – does not make the teas bad , but simply not the right choice for the individual.

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