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InNature’s hand-made clay pots, porcelain cups and Chinese tea sets perfectly accompany our teas, helping you to get the most out of your high-grade loose-leaf tea purchase.
  • Bamboo Holder

    These beautiful bamboo holders offer a traditional Chinese alternative to generic tea coasters.
  • Phoenix Tea Cups

    Our popular Phoenix tea cups with a hand painted Ming Dynasty inspired design.
  • Tea Strainer

    The ideal tea strainer for your superior InNature teas! Simply add your leaves, settle the strainer inside a cup of water, and remove once your tea has reached the perfect strength.
  • Dragon Jade's Tea Cup

    This cup is from the region of Su Zhou famous for their tea rooms, their exquisite tea cups and pots of the highest quality.
  • Fish Pond Tea Cup

    A delightful little tea cup that resembles a miniature fish pond complete with Koi carp!
  • Easy Teapot

    A superb glass teapot to brew your choice of tea.


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Green Tea

Fresh and Vibrant

Black Tea

Black & Red Tea

Rich and Intense

Jasmine & Flower Tea

Jasmine & Flower

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