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Puerh Tea

Aged. Uniquely rich, smooth and complex

Puerh tea is rather unique. During a process of ageing under strictly-managed conditions, the leaves takes on exceptional qualities. The carefully managed process gives rise to rich, smooth, complex flavours, while preserving the vitality of the leaf.

    Five-Year-Old Puerh

    Puerh 5 year

    Our precious, high-grade 5 year aged puerh is esteemed for its rich flavour and many health benefits. Like fine wine, age enhances the character and flavour of puerh teas. Our precious, five-year aged puerh tea is esteemed for its richness, luscious velvetiness and woody notes.

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    White Moon

    This unusual variety is somewhere between a white tea and a puerh tea. The flavour of this exceptional blend is similar to a white tea but more intense.

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    Wild Puerh

    Fresh Buds

    This puerh tea is made from the finest buds, handpicked in the high mountains of Yunnan. Delicate, unadulterated, this is the purest form of tea. Its sweet taste and aroma provide a feast for the senses.

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