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Natural Oolong Tea

Milk Oolong - Nai Xiang - Jin Xuan Tea

Known in Chinese as Nai Xiang-Jin Xuan, the name of this oolong tea variety – grown at high altitude in Taiwan – translates as ‘fragrant milk’. The name describes its smooth, creamy feel and petal-scented aroma.

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Natural Oolong 50g
Natural Oolong 100g
  • Aroma: Milky and sweet
  • Leaves: Compact, alpine-green twists that swell on infusion
  • Liquid: A rich, peachy hue
  • Taste: Milky sweet and delicately floral

“The Natural Oolong tea leaves are compact twists that swell on infusion”
Tea Blend

About Natural Oolong Tea

Unlike many inferior varieties, our natural loose oolong tea has nothing added or taken away, allowing the natural milky flavour of the leaves to sing. This tea is mild and soothing on the palate, but it has a wonderfully revitalising effect on the spirit.

This Milk Oolong - Jin Xuan tea is sourced from Taiwan. The leaves are bested harvest in Autumn and we buy exclusively in Autumn.

Taiwan Province


How to Brew Natural Oolong Tea

1 Brew tea step 1

Heat water to 100°C

2 Brew tea step 2

Add 1-3 tbsp per cup of our pure loose-leaf tea per cup (250ml) of water

3 Brew Tea Step 3

Rinse leaves with heated water. Pour fresh heated water and cover.

4 Brew Tea Step 4

Let tea infuse for 2 minutes.

5 Brew Tea Step 5

Pour into a cup through a strainer or let the leaves settle at the bottom.

6 Brew Tea Step 6

Enjoy up to three infusions.

Health Benefits

Natural Oolong Tea Health Benefits


“Oolong teas are a great source of health.”

For thousand of years traditional Chinese medicine has used this tea for believed health properties.



  • Breaking down fats and toxins
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Improve Immune System
  • Aids Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Tooth care
  • Longevity

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